No data entry: All you need to do is uploading your resume.

Match Scores: Advanced technology that automatically analyse jobs and match them to your profile. It also highlights the keywords of job requirements that you don't have. It helps you determine the job relevance at a glance, and also helps you optimise your resume.

Career preferences: Easily set up desirabled job titles, industry keywords, salary and job match threshold

On the go - JobPokes mobile app: It's like "Tinder for jobs", with a twist. Viewing jobs on the go is extremely easy and fun. It's not the same as combing through job listings. Indicate your interest in certain jobs, and you might be hearing from the recruiters/employers on the same day.


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You get a job poke when a recruiter or employer would like to know if you are interested in discussing a job opportunity.


You have total control of the job poke setting.


Viewing the job details and its relevance to your profile and career preferences is super easy - see JobPokes app feature below. You can make up your mind within less than a minute.


It is the easiest way to engage with relevant job opportunities and pro-actively plan your career move.


I just got a job poke from a recruiter. I'm asking a few questions, all through text messages. Easy and convenient, especially during business hours. Emails from recruiters usually get lost in my never ending inbox. Love this new way of checking out job opportunities.

Rob Bilton

I used to do a quick job search once a month to keep an eye on the market. This is no longer necessary. Jobpokes send me opportunities that are over 90% matched to my career preferences, and also my skills and experiences. Unbelievably easy and convenient. Now I know I will never miss out on good job opportunities again.

Jess Canary

I got 2 job pokes this month, and both are very interesting jobs that pay above my current salary. They already shortlisted me before sending me a job poke. I thought I wasn't going to move job for at least another 12 months, but these opportunities are extremely tempting.

Joey Harrison

Your life does not get better by chance. Its gets better by change.

- Jim Rohn

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